Travel Subway Art

Travel Subway Canvas Art


There are subway art signs all over the internet and I love them.  When I saw the idea {here} to make a travel subway sign, I knew it would be the perfect thing for me to make and give to Brent for Christmas.  And I was right. He loves it.

When I mentioned to my sister in-law {Stacey} what I was making, she brilliantly suggested that I just have a Costco canvas print made, and after checking into it I decided that was the look I wanted instead of the one in the above link.  It doesn’t exactly look like subway art, but I really like it anyway.  Plus, I wasn’t really feeling up to a fairly big project just a couple of weeks before Christmas.  It was a bit more expensive {$54.99}  to go with the canvas print but I justified the price because, after all, it was going to be a gift.

This is how I made it:

1.  I wrote up a list of all the places my husband and I have lived or traveled to.
2.  I went into our Open Office program and typed the places randomly on the page in different fonts.
3.  Then I adjusted the font size and spacing between each of the cities or states so that the margins were justified.

Here is a list of all the fonts I used.  They were all either already on my computer or I downloaded free fonts from sites like

Vanilla Twilight
Architects Daughter
Apple Gothic
Apple Chancery
Janda Siesta Sunset
Dean Martin Swing
Just Realize
Janda Closer to Free
KG Sweet N Sassy
Blue Highway
Janda Amazing Grace
KG Eyes Wide Open
Last King Quest
Thin Lines and Curves
Janda Capslock
Retro Loops
Simply Glamorous
Enchanted Castle
Instant Marker
Janda Everyday Casual
Janda Cheerful Script
Janda Happy Day
Janda Quick Note
cafe & brewery
Dean Martin
Janda Stylish Script
Janda Apple Cobbler
Of Wildflowers and Wings
Simply Delicious
Shadows Into Light
KG Empire of Dirt
Happy Dreams Med Mono
Marker Felt
Janda Manatee Bubble
Janda Romantic

4.  I went to photo and clicked on canvas prints on the left sidebar and then clicked the large canvas print box on that page.
5.  I chose the size of canvas I wanted {I chose 18×24}, then clicked continue.
6.  Then I uploaded and added the photo {document} that I had typed up, positioned it on the page, and chose which wrap style I wanted.
*I did receive a warning telling me that “Cropping this small will result in a low quality print.”
7.  I decided to go ahead with it anyway, holding my breath from that moment until six long days later when I picked it up at the store.  I was so worried that after spending that much money it might be blurry and look horrible.  And while standing at the photo counter I wanted to tear into the packaging right then and there, but I was too nervous.  I decided that if it did look badly I wanted to feel crushed in the privacy of my own home.

But all of that worrying was for naught.  It looked perfect and the lettering was not distorted or blurry or anything, as you can, hopefully, see in the photo below.  {The background in these photos looks gray, but it is actually a bright white.}

Travel Subway Art

It’s now hanging proudly next to our desk.
We love looking at it ~ and recalling all of the great memories we have of living and traveling near and far. At some point we might decide to have it framed, but for now we’re loving it just the way it is.

Travel Subway Art 1

What about you?
Are you going to make a subway art sign?
If you do, I would love to see photos of your finished project.


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