Recommended Books


Author: H. Verlan Andersen

The Moral Basis of a Free Society
The Great and Abominable Church of the Devil
The Book of Mormon and the Constitution
Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen

Author: David Barton

Original Intent – The Courts, the Constitution, & Religion
Benjamin Rush: Signer of the Declaration of Independence
The Bulletproof George Washington

Author: Frederic Bastiat

The Law – The Classic Blueprint for a Just Society

Author: William J. Bennett

Our Country’s Founders – A Book of Advice for Young People

Author: Ezra Taft Benson

God – Family – Country… Our Three Great Loyalties
An Enemy Hath Done This
Stand Up for Freedom

Author: Ezra Taft Benson & H. Verlan Andersen

The Proper & Improper Role of Government

Author: Robert H. Bork

Slouching Towards Gomorrah – Modern Liberalism and American Decline

Author: J. Reuben Clark

Stand Fast by Our Constitution

Author: Charles Carleton Coffin

The Story of Liberty

Author: James Daugherty

The Magna Charta

Author: William Norman Grigg

Global Gun Grab

Compiled by Jerreld L. Newquist

Prophets, Principles and National Survival

Author: Jerome Horowitz

The Elders of Israel and the Constitution

Author: Rep. Henry Hyde

Forfeiting Our Property Rights – Is Your Property Safe from Seizure?

Author: William F. Jasper

The United Nations Exposed

Author: Jack Monnett

Awakening to Our Awful Situation (Books 1 & 2)

Author: James Ostrowski

Direct Citizen Action

Author: Thomas Paine

Common Sense

Author: Jay A. Parry

Soldiers, Statesmen, & Heroes

Authors: Jay A. Parry, Andrew M. Allison, K. DeLynn Cook, M. Richard Maxfield, & W. Cleon Skousen

The Real George Washington – The True Story of America’s Most Indispensable Man
The Real Benjamin Franklin – The True Story of America’s Greatest Diplomat
The Real Thomas Jefferson – The True Story of America’s Philosopher of Freedom

Author: Mark E. Petersen

The Great Prologue

Author: Mara L. Pratt

American History Stories You Never Read in School… but should have

Author: Allen Quist

FedEd… The New Federal Curriculum and How It’s Enforced

Author: Pat Robertson

The Secret Kingdom
The New World Order

Author: Phyllis Schlafly

The Sweetheart of the Silent Majority
A Choice Not An Echo

Author: Dr. W. Cleon Skousen

What Ever Happened to Congress?… An Amazing Story
The Naked Communist – In his October 1959 address, President David O. McKay admonished everyone to read this excellent book.
The Naked Capitalist
The Making of America
The Majesty of God’s Law… It’s Coming to America
The Five Thousand Year Leap – The 28 Great Ideas That Are Changing the World
The Communist Attack on U.S. Police
Fantastic Victory – Israel’s Rendezvous With Destiny

Author: Dan Smoot

People Along the Way – The Autobiography of Dan Smoot
The Invisible Government

Authors: Darlene P. Stoker & B. Elaine Clegg

Our Heritage of Freedom
Little Story Book About Big American Heroes

Reprinted by Wallbuilder Press

Lives of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence
Wives of the Signers: The Women Behind the Declaration of Independence

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