What Matters Most

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends and family.
Whether we’ve met or not, you all hold a special place in my heart.

What a glorious time of year this is.
I love focusing on all of my blessings and all that I’m grateful for.

I hope you each have a wonderful time this week visiting and spending
time with people you love and care for.
We’re in Salt Lake City spending a lovely four day Thanksgiving vacation with my
side of the family (for the first time in about 8 years)
and our wonderful son, daughter in-law, and adorable little
six month old granddaughter, who now live there, too.

Here’s a beautiful thought for today.
I hope it touches your heart like it did mine.
And I hope we are each moved to reach out and enjoy and love others better.
Because loving others really is the most important thing we do in this life.




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