How to Make Toasted Coconut

How to Make Toasted Coconut

I mentioned here that I’m fairly in love with toasted coconut.  I really like plain coconut but I love it toasted to use as a topping for ice cream (with or without hot fudge sauce), oatmeal, coconut cream pie, and other desserts.  I love the crunchy texture and rich depth of flavor that browning gives it.  I usually keep a small amount of toasted coconut in a ziplock bag in the freezer so I can pull it out and use it as a topping so I don’t have to make it every time I want some.

Toasted coconut can be toasted in the oven but I prefer doing it on the stove because I can watch it more closely and have better control over how brown it gets.  It’s really easy to make but it needs to be watched so it doesn’t burn.  If it does burn, just throw it away and start again.  I’ve burn a batch or two because I’ve tried to do other things while I’m toasting coconut.  So just try to devote the 10 minutes or so to toasting and it’ll turn out great.

Below are pictures with explanations of the method I use.

Toasting Coconut

 Place the amount of coconut you want to toast in a cold pan.
Then turn the heat to low.  If you warm it up too quickly there’s a greater chance it will burn.
It takes several minutes for the pan to warm up and the coconut to begin to brown.
You don’t need to stir it around yet but check it every minute or two.
After a few minutes I stir it just to check on it because the bottom part of the coconut will
begin to brown before the top.
If it isn’t browning yet just leave it and continue to check it every minute or two.

Toasting CoconutOnce it starts to brown stir it around and then let it brown a little bit more.

Toasting CoconutStir it around again and let it continue to brown.
You don’t need to stir it continuously yet but watch it closely so it doesn’t burn.

Toasting CoconutIt’s getting there.  Just another minute or so.
At this point I stir it until it’s as brown as I want it, which isn’t as dark as some people toast it.
I also touch it with my fingers right about now because it’s a little bit hard to tell if
the pieces that are white are toasting.
If a lot of it still feels soft it will take another couple of minutes.  If they’re feeling dry it’s almost ready.

Toasting CoconutThis is how my coconut looks when it’s done.
Some of it is still a bit white but it’s dry and crisp.
If you want yours a little darker just keep stirring and warming it until it’s how you like it.

Toasting CoconutAs soon as it’s toasted to your desired brownness, immediately remove it from the pan to a bowl.
If you leave it in the pan it’ll continue to brown.

Then enjoy your delicious toasted coconut.

Hot Fudge Sauce

Check back tomorrow for a delicious toasted coconut dessert.


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