Great Books [#3]


The Mitford Years Collage3

The Mitford Years
by Jan Karon

Have you read the books in this series?  I absolutely love them ~ all nine.  Everyone I know that’s read them has loved them, too.  Even my husband!  That’s saying a lot ~ he’s a reader but for him to read books such as these means they aren’t too girly, just great stories with well-worked plots and engaging characters.

The Mitford Years is a fictional series set in the quaint town of Mitford, North Carolina ~ a nice, quiet town with characters that include the well-loved 60 year old bachelor Father Tim, who is an Episcopalian priest, the main character of the books, and the spiritual and moral compass of the town, a dog the size of a Buick that only responds to Bible verses, a lovely and spunky new neighbor that catches Father Tim’s eye, and all of the other people that cross paths and impact Father Tim’s life in some way.  Jan Karon gives us genuine characters that are not easily forgotten. They’re a unique combination of fun, witty and interesting, quirky, heart-warming, and lively, and humorous, annoying and simple, which kept me smiling and provided many laugh-out-loud moments.

There’s nothing immoral or inappropriate in them ~ they’re just good, wholesome, deeply nourishing books. Books to savor.  Books that are so good I can hardly wait to read the next one.  Books to recommend.  Books to re-read.  Books that will make you wish you lived in Mitford.  Books that have strong Christian values with spiritual truths and life lessons taught without being preachy at all.

After you read The Mitford Years series you’ll surely have friends for life.  The characters are that good.  You’ll probably want to make an Orange Marmalade Cake, too, which is what my sweet hubby did many years ago for my book club when we discussed At Home in Mitford, the first book in the series.

These would make a great summer read.  In fact, writing this review is making me want to pull mine off the shelf and check out of life for a week or two so I can read them again.


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  1. Charlene@A Pinch of Joy May 24, 2014 at 5:59 pm #

    Love the Mitford series! The characters make great travel companions 🙂 We have listened to all of the books on cd as we make our 2000 mile round trip each summer to visit family.

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