Earthly Father, Heavenly Father

How is it possible that it’s already August 7th?

Have you been having great summer days?

Our summer is flying by, but not without us using almost every minute of it making memories.
We’ve spent a lot of time with both sides of our lovely family,
we helped our son and daughter in-law for a week after they had their baby
and then we helped them move out of state {bitter/sweet},
we have a new grandbaby girl that we have been blessed to see several times
even though we don’t live near her,
we spent three days with some friends we only see once a year,
we attended an opera and musical festival,
we’ve tried to keep up with yard work and squeeze in dinner-dates with friends,
and we’ve spent a lot of days relaxing and sailing on the mountain lake just down the lane from our cabin.

I hope your summer is wonderful and full of memories, too.

And now, on to the topic of this post.

Have you seen this video before?
Its beautiful message can speak to each of us and remind us that we are loved
and watched over even when we don’t realize it.
I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

Earthly FatherI love them both more than words can describe.
The parallels between the two are so significant and impressively beautiful ~ they both provide for and love,
know me and set the example, council and watch.
And they both have allowed me time to grow and become the best daughter I can be.
What a blessing it is for me to have deep relationships with my earthly father and my Heavenly Father.

There are two other earthly fathers that have blessed my life:
1} My father in-law who is my husband’s earthly father.  He lovingly raised an amazing man.
2} My husband who is the earthly father to our children.
My heart’s been full of joy as I’ve watched him
perform his fatherly responsibilities and lead our family in love and righteousness.
I also love both of these earthly fathers more than I can put into words.

And now I have the opportunity to watch my son be an earthly father as he assumes
the responsibilities of fatherhood to the daughter that has blessed his family.

Earthly Father{s}, Heavenly Father.
Oh, how my life is enriched by having each of you in it.


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