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A Summer to Remember

The summer of 2014 has come and gone.  How did you spend yours and did you enjoy it?  I sure hope so.

We spent a large portion of the summer at our home away from home in McCall, Idaho.

McCall - Collage1We spent a total of 48 days there ~ some of it with family, some with good friends, and some by ourselves.  On most of the days we stayed up way too late and slept in way too long, some days we ate too much and exercised too little, we took an occasional nap, watched a few movies, and caught up on reading.  Each and every day was filled with fun and lots of good memories.

These are some of the summer highlights that made this A Summer to Remember:

Sailing ~ We spent most of our afternoons and several evenings {my favorite} sailing on this beautiful lake.

McCall Sailing

Some friends of ours that have spent a lot of time in McCall with us gifted us this fun picture that now enhances one of our cabin walls.  Isn’t it cute?  I just love it.

McCall - Sailing Picture

Fireworks ~ A July 4th tradition is to watch fireworks over the lake with all of the other residents and hundreds of tourists that spend the holiday in McCall.  Sometimes we watch from our boat out on the water and sometimes at the park in town {my favorite}.  This year we were at the park.  We were waiting for the sun to set so the fireworks could begin.

McCall - Evening Marina

Beach and Water ~ We spent hours playing in the water and on wave runners and relaxing while sitting with our feet in the water on scorchingly hot days.

McCall - Beach

McCall Beach

McCall Brent

McCall - Cara, Ty, Corinne

McCall - Brent & Brooklyn

McCall - Ty

McCall - Pat

McCall - Brent

Fire Fighting ~ There were a few wildfires near McCall and we heard and saw this helicopter flying over us several times a day for a couple of weeks.  I’m fascinated by these helicopters that suck water out of a lake and drop it on the fires.  We didn’t have our camera with us so we took this picture with Brent’s phone and the quality isn’t very good but I’m glad we have a picture of it anyway.

McCall - Firefighting Helicopter

Lost and Found ~ Both of these were miraculously recovered from the lake ~ one pair of eyeglasses and a small hook and pin for our boat ladder.

4-wheel Rides ~ One day Brent and our friend, Dennis, and his daughter, Lucy, took a morning ride to Granite Lake and up to the Brundage lookout.

Dennis & Lucy

The next day Brent and I and Dennis and Heidi rode to the same lookout.  We’re grimy and covered in dirt, including our hair.  Boy did our showers feel good that day!  Down there in the background is Payette Lake, the lake we sail on.

McCall Lookout

McCall Lookout

A Big Win ~ We won tickets to the Curtis Stigers McCall Jazz Festival.  Curtis Stigers, a well-known jazz singer/saxophonist/songwriter was born and raised in Boise, Idaho and comes back to the Boise area regularly for concerts.  This year he hosted a fundraiser jazz festival to benefit The Shepherd’s Home, which provides care for children in crisis.  In addition to Curtis Stigers, there were two local jazz bands, and world-class saxophonist Joel Frahm and singer Ann Hampton Calloway.

McCall Jazz Festival

McCall Jazz Festival

Family ~ We were blessed to have my parents, one of my sisters and two of her kids, and my son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter spend time with us in McCall over the 4th of July.  We had such a fun time with them.

McCall - Beach

McCall - Amanda & Brooklyn

McCall - Brooklyn

A Wedding ~ We spent a quick 20 hours in Salt Lake City the first part of August when we drove there for our nephew’s wedding.  Here are some pictures that captured their beautiful day.

Adrian & Tiana

Adrian & Tiana

Dad & Brooklyn

A&T Wedding

Wildlife ~ We saw several deer and a fox and this tree that’s been excessively pecked.


What I Read ~ I’ve read these books before but decided I wanted to give them further study this summer:  The First 2000 Years: from Adam to Abraham, The Third Thousand Years: from Abraham to David, and The Fourth Thousand Years: from David to Christ all by W. Cleon Skousen and Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by Dr. Paul Brand and Phillip Yancey.

A Crazy Boat ~ This Jaws boat isn’t just the funniest boat I’ve seen on Payette Lake, it’s the funniest boat I’ve EVER seen.

McCall - Jaws Boat

The Little Cabin ~ About 15 feet off our main structure is a little one room cabin that we call “The Little Cabin.” We gave it a cute updated, cottage look by adding new siding, a new roof, and new paint.  It needs some flowers, though ~ I’ll add those next year.

McCall - Little Cabin

Sailing the San Juan Islands ~ Each year we pull our boat out of McCall on Labor Day weekend because after Labor Day the water level drops.  A couple of weeks later we go somewhere to sail for a week.  This year we went to the San Juan Islands.  I’ll post more on that later but here are a few favorite pictures from that fun trip.

San Juan Islands San Juan Islands - ferry San Juan Islands - Roche Harbor San Juan Islands ~ San Juan Islands ~ Roche Harbor

And last of all…

We’re Debt Free! ~ There you have it, that’s my Dave Ramsey Debt Free Shout Out!  We don’t have the courage to call the show so I guess I’ll do it here on my blog!  This summer we paid off our mortgage and it’s absolutely one of the best feelings ever ~ I highly recommend it.

Phew!!!  We made it.  If you aren’t family and you actually read clear to the end of this post you deserve some kind of reward.  🙂  I hope you enjoyed reading all about my summer vacation {ha, I couldn’t resist that line!}.


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15 Minutes or Less

What do you do with little snippets of time ~ 15 minutes or less?

This is some great advice I picked up in the book The Happiness Project.MakingGoodUseOf15Minutes

Can you relate to this?:

Oftentimes when I need to leave my house at a certain time or
I’m expecting a visitor or my husband to come home,
or if I’ve put dinner in to cook, etc… 

…I noticed that when I’ve had a few open minutes I would just waste them because
I didn’t think it was enough time to “do anything.”

I know I don’t have to be productive every minute of every day but I do like to be a good steward
of my time and when I started to think about it I realized
that by just using a few of these minutes I can squeeze a few more things into my day.

This is a list of things I’ve come up with that I can do in
15 minutes or less:

clean a bathroom

clean up the kitchen

straighten books and magazines in the living room

change out and/or fold the laundry

pull a few weeds

vacuum and dust a room

unload the dishwasher

straighten up the desk

play with our dog

read scriptures

call someone just to say hello

clean the front and back door windows

make the bed and open the blinds

iron a shirt

sweep the front porch

water my flower pots

write and send a thank you card

fill my salt and pepper shakers

wash door knobs/light switches/kitchen cupboard knobs

wash the front of the refrigerator

polish my fingernails

Have you read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin?
I loved it.
I’ve had her other book Happier at Home on my reading list for a long time ~ one of my
goals this year is to make time to read it!

I actually wrote up a review of The Happiness Project.  If you missed it you can [read it here].

What could you do if you had 15 minutes or less of slack time?
I would love to know what you would put on your list.

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Books and Me

so many great books


It’s no secret that I love ~ I mean really LOVE ~ great books.

Books that inspire me.
Books that uplift me.
Books that strengthen my resolve to do better and be better.
Books that make me laugh.
Books that make me cry.
Books that take me into someone’s life ~ to experience what they experience.
Books that educate me.
And occasionally, a book just for fun.  Like a good mystery.

There are two types of people.

1. Those that only read one book at a time.
2. Those that read more than one book at a time.

I fit into the second category.  At any given time I usually have around six books that I’m reading and that includes a current book that I read with my son.  I just pick up whatever I’m in the mood to read or what interests me at the moment I sit down to read.

There are two types of people.

1. Those that underline and write notes in books.
2. Those that don’t.

I fit into the first category.  Not every book gets marked up but if a thought comes to me while I’m reading I write it in the margin.  If I look up a word definition I write it in the margin.  If there’s an important or beautiful passage I want to remember or refer back to I highlight it.

There are two types of people.

1. Those that will only read a book one time.
2. Those that will read a book more than one time.

I fall into the second category on this one.  I love to re-read great books.  Sometimes because I don’t remember what I’ve read {aagh}, but usually because of their great literary value ~ to glean more treasures from them.

There are two types of people.

1. Those that read a book cover to cover.
2. Those that pick through a book.

Here I fit into both categories.  If the book is a novel I read it cover to cover.  If it’s a mystery I read the last chapter first.  {Crazy, I know.  Do any of you do the same?}  If it’s a book to glean information from I tend to look at the contents or index and just read about topics I’m interested in at that moment.  If it’s scripture, I do both depending on what I’m wanting to focus on.

There are three types of people.

1. Those that don’t like to read.
2. Those that like to read.
3. Those that love to read.

I’m in the third category.  Some days I only have time for 20-30 minutes of reading.  Some days an hour or two.  If I have spare time in my day I almost always pick up a book and find a cozy place to read.

Did I leave out any categories?

What about you?
What kind of a reader are you?


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Harvest Moon


Harvest Moon-1

One evening last week when we were in Bremerton, Washington we were out taking a walk and we looked across the water.  Rising above the trees was a full, glowing, beautiful moon.  Brent and I both commented on how bright and gorgeous it was and he said, “It’s the Harvest Moon.”  The next evening when we were out walking we commented a lot about how pretty the moon was again and we took several pictures but I have to admit, I felt like I wasn’t very smart because although I have heard of a harvest moon all my life I didn’t know exactly what it meant.  

This is what I have learned since that night.

1.  The Harvest Moon is the full moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox {September 18 this year}, when the sun crosses the plane of the Earth’s equator, making day and night close to equal in length. 

2.  It rises around 30 minutes after sunset instead of the usual 50 minutes and does so for three consecutive days.

3.  And it was aptly named because farmers {before electricity and headlights on tractors} could work extended hours during the harvest season ~ sometimes even pulling an all-nighter by the light of the bright harvest moon. 

 So there we have it.  A good piece of trivia to store away in our beautiful brains to be pulled out at some future date to teach someone about the Harvest Moon.

Harvest Moon-2

Harvest Moon.  

Don’t those two words just seem to sum up all that is wonderful about autumn?

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Cute Yard Squirrels {and Our Walnut Tree}

This is what’s been going on in our yard, under our walnut tree, by our three resident squirrels.

From the middle of July until about the end of August one-half to three-fourths of our driveway looks like this except for a brief hour or two after we sweep it off.

Walnuts on driveway

The cause?
There’s a whole lot of walnut eating going on.

At the side of our house we have a big, beautiful English walnut tree that over-hangs part of our driveway that is not only lovely to look at but provides much desired shade in the heat of summer.

But it’s messy.
And when it’s loaded with nuts the branches hang down so low we can barely walk under it.
Every year we toss around the idea of cutting it down.
But in the end we just trim it and let the squirrels have their feast.

Even though there are thousands of nuts we’ve never harvested them for ourselves.
We let these cute little guys celebrate the nut harvest by eating to their heart’s content.

Here’s one of the squirrels choosing his next nut:

Squirrel Choosing a Walnut

All throughout the nut harvesting season we can watch one, or two, or three squirrels choose a nut and then either sit on the driveway or take it over to the grass to open and eat it, which only takes about 5 minutes per nut.  They sure can send a lot of those babies down their gullets!

They bury a good amount of them, too.  In our yard.
Which makes our grass little bit lumpy and hard to walk on until they dig them back out.

You know how hard walnut shells are and how hard they are to break open, right?
In fact, they are so hard they don’t even break when I stand on them.
But squirrels sure can get into them.
They don’t crack or break these nuts open though.
They use their chisel-type teeth to gently {yet quickly} gnaw and chew through them.

Ah-hah!  That’s their secret.
I wonder… well, no, on second thought, I don’t think I want to try their technique.
I’ll just go buy a nut cracker if I ever want to eat them.

Isn’t he {or she ~ how would we know?} cute?
Cute Yard Squirrel

I’ve heard that squirrels only live a few short years so when we’ve thought we always have the same squirrels in our yard they probably aren’t.  Yet, we’ve never had more than three.  I wonder how/when/where they multiply.  We’ve never seen baby squirrels ~ only squirrels about the size in these pictures.

These squirrels of ours {well, you know what I mean} are fun to watch and have around.  We love to watch them chase around after one another in our backyard and run up and down the trees and watch our dog chase them up a tree and listen to them scamper over our roof and eat our nuts.  We even have a squirrel feeder in our backyard, which you can read a little bit about {here}.  They’ve never been a nuisance to us but I remember years ago my father in-law had squirrel traps so he could capture the ones that made it to their yard and then take them a mile, or so, away to their local park.

For us, these squirrels offer many stop-and-smell-the-roses moments.
My mom really enjoys them, too.

Three cheers for life’s simple pleasures.


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My Dream Clock {and A Giveaway}

Alarm clock dreams do come true!

What?  You’ve never heard that before?

Well, then, you need to read my story.

I’ve had this alarm clock for as long as I can remember.  For at least 20 years.  It’s small ~ just a clock with an alarm which is what I like because I don’t like clock radios.


But for about the last eight years I’ve seen this Moon Beam Alarm Clock in the L.L.Bean catalog and have wanted it so badly.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 2.14.04 AM

But since my clock worked just fine I couldn’t justify getting a new one.

I hardly ever have to wake up to an alarm but when I do it’s a BIG deal for me.  I worry all night long that the alarm won’t ring and I wake up all night wondering how much longer I can sleep.  And then it usually happens that I’m asleep when the alarm does ring and it’s so loud it practically scares the heck out of me.  Crazy, I know.

There were three times in the past four months that I needed to set my alarm: the first time it didn’t ring and I thought I thought I set it wrong, the second time it didn’t ring and I thought I forgot to switch it on, the third time it didn’t ring and I realized it just wasn’t working anymore.  The clock worked.  The alarm didn’t.

This is where my alarm clock dream came true.

So then I needed a new clock.  I told my hubby and he, knowing I’m kind of picky about some things, said, “you better start looking.”  So I thought about it for about ten minutes and jumped on to the L.L.Bean site to look at the Moon Beam Alarm Clock.  The clock of my dreams.  The price of $50 kept me from ordering right then and I told Hubby what I wanted but that I was going to wait because I didn’t really need a new clock because I hardly ever need to use the alarm.

Two days later UPS brought a box to our door and when I opened it I was beyond thrilled!  My amazingly thoughtful husband ordered it for me and he even knew which color I would want.

It looks so cute and perfect on my nightstand that I can’t help but look at it and smile every time I go to bed.


I haven’t needed to use the alarm yet but when I do I’m hoping I’ll sleep better knowing I won’t be jolted out of a good dream by an annoying alarm.

I have to tell you that this clock not only fulfills my alarm clock dreams, it is so worth the money.

  •      It has a classic look with a fully lighted clock face.
  •      The left side has a light that illuminates at the alarm time to gently wake me up.
  •      It has a lovely bell sound which is so pleasant I almost want to cry.
  •      It also has the option of the bell/light combination to wake me up.  The alarm light will blink for 5 minutes before the bell rings to gently begin the waking up process which makes waking up to the alarm not so unpleasant {if that’s possible}.

I was so, so happy with this clock that I contacted L.L.Bean and told them so and they graciously offered to sponsor a giveaway for a Moon Beam Alarm Clock.

Please visit L.L.Bean’s site and read all about the clock ~ and please follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Awesome Giveaway-framed

Congratulations to Jill Weatherston.
Winner of the L.L.Bean Moon Beam Alarm Clock.

This green Moon Beam Alarm Clock giveaway is
sponsored by

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 10.13.44 AMScreen Shot 2013-06-13 at 2.14.04 AM“First introduced in 1952, this unique “moon beam” clock has been updated to wake you with your choice of a bell sound or a combination of the bell and a gently illuminating LED light. Available in classic colors you’ll find only at L.L.Bean. Snooze feature. Fully lighted dial. On/off backlight switch. Battery backup (uses two AA batteries, not included). Imported.

Dimensions  5″H x 7″W x 3″D.”

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!






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Celebrating My Mom

This week one of my good blogging friends ~ Kim at Simply Domestic, did a round-up of great Mother’s Day gift ideas {here}.  She is also featuring some of her blogging friends {including me} and their ideas for celebrating the mothers in their lives.  Take a look ~ you will love her blog and her Mother’s Day series.

Below is the idea that I contributed to Kim’s blog:

Mother's Day Book 1

A couple of years ago I was thinking of the upcoming Mother’s Day and how I could celebrate my mom.  I was trying to think of something I could give to her, and I remembered a book I had heard of titled something like 100 Reasons Why I Love You.  I had never read it so I went to the library and checked it out thinking that if I liked it I would try to find one to give to my mom. As I was reading through it I decided that yes, I did want to get one, it would make a great gift.

So I went to a couple of stores but I couldn’t find it and at first I was disappointed, and then the thought hit me {I’m a bit slow sometimes} ~ I should make my own.  It would be so much more meaningful.

So while I was at Target I made my way over to the scrapbooking section.  And I want to tell you right up front… I am not into scrapbooking.  I like to put my photos into plain old photo albums without all of the cute stuff.  Not that I don’t think the cute stuff is cute, I do, it’s just not me.  So anyway, I went to the scrapbook area at Target and looked through their selection {it really didn’t occur to me that I should go to a craft store for these supplies} and I bought a few items: a photo album with a window in the cover, a package of pastel colored cardstock, a book of 5×7 patterned card stock paper, some of that paper scrapbook ribbon, and a package of “family” stickers.

Then I went home and wrote up a list of all the reasons I love my mother {I did use a couple of the thoughts from the 100 Reasons Why I Love You book.}, typed them up, and spent the evening putting together my own version, which I titled 83 Reason Why I Love You.

Since I do not live near my mother I couldn’t take my own photos of the book, but my sister lovingly did it for me and emailed them to me. She used her phone so some of the pictures aren’t “perfect” but she did capture the heart of the book.  Here are a few photos of what I put together for my mom.  {Remember, I didn’t know anything about scrapbooking so I probably broke all kinds of scrapbooking rules.}

Mother's Day Book 12

Mother's Day Book 2

Mother's Day Book 9

Mother's Day Book 10

Mother's Day Book 13

Mother's Day Book 14

Mother's Day Book 20

Mother's Day Book 6

Mother's Day Book 7

Mother's Day Book 3It’s not professionally made, and it’s not perfect.  But it was the perfect way for me to celebrate my mom and it was perfect for my mom to receive it.  And as you can probably imagine, she shed more than a few tears over it.


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Hello Spring

Hello Spring!

Are you loving it?  I sure am.
We’re having gorgeous 70 degree weather here in western Idaho. {for a few days anyway}


Our crocuses bloomed a week ago.
Now we’re moving on to daffodils, pansies, and tulips ~
they’re so pretty and cheery.

Spring Flowers

Yesterday I did a lot of yard clean up and today I’m going to trim my roses.
Have you been out working in your yard yet?

All of our trees and bushes survived the really cold snap we had in January so I’m happy.
I’m always kind of nervous to go out and check around to see if everything is coming back to life.
Miraculously, they always do.

Spring.  New life.  Resurrection.

Spring Flowers 1

A Salute To Spring…Spring Time The Best Time

Spring in my step
Spring in the air
Lingering everywhere.

Spring fever to follow,
But I don’t care,
Spring, for new journeys,
I’ll meet you there!

By the garden gate,
You silly thing,
It’s an invitation to frolic
So let’s begin to sing.
It’s Spring!

{Written first day of Spring 2010
by Dorothy Alves Holmes ~
A Poet Who Loves To Sing}


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Liebster Award ~ Triple Nomination

Three months ago {December 10, 2012 to be exact} I was nominated by Haley at The Saucy Apple for the Liebster Award.  But I was a slouch and new to blogging ~ feeling a bit overwhelmed, and busy with Christmas ~ two weeks away, and when I finally remembered about the nomination it was mid January and I thought I had waited too long to respond and so I just “forgot” about it.  I’m sorry, Haley.  Still friends?

On February 23, 2013, I received my second nomination from Tasya at My House and Home.  So that reminded me about my first nomination and I was determined to follow through this time and address questions from Haley and Tasya.  So I’ve been giving it a lot of thought ~ those questions needed more than an impulse answer!

And then surprise.  Krista at Joyful Healthy Eats extended a nomination on March 11, 2013.  Which brings me to today.  I’m determined to move beyond the “thinking about it” phase to the actually “doing it” phase.

I feel so honored that three friends in the blogging world have liked my blog well enough to nominate it. Thank you Haley, Tasya, and Krista.  I’m going to answer a few of each of your questions {by now 33 seems overwhelming for me and tedious for readers}, I hope that’s OK with you.  Here goes:

liebster award

The Liebster Award is a perpetual award nomination which is given by bloggers to up-and-coming bloggers who have fewer than 200 {or so} followers, and is a way for us all to get to know them.

Liebster is a German word that means: sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

Liebster Award rules:

1. Write 11 random things about myself.
2. Answer the 11 questions posed by the person who nominated me.
3. Create 11 new questions.
4. Nominate 11 up-and-coming bloggers and link them in my post.
5. Thank the person that nominated me.
6. Tell the new nominees that I’ve nominated them.

scallop-blue - 11 Random Facts

1. I read magazines from the back forward and I always tear out the two-sided ads before reading.
2. The first vehicle I bought was a Toyota pick-up truck.
3. I say I don’t like tapioca or rice pudding but I’ve actually never tasted either one.
4. When I was in 9th grade I was the student body secretary of my Junior High school.
5. Except when I’m wearing a dress or skirt, I only wear white socks.
6. I almost always wear clear nail polish on my fingernails and colored on my toenails.
7. I don’t like to eat ice cream with cake or brownies ~ I’ll only eat one or the other.
8. I love to prepare delicious meals and would rather eat at home than at a restaurant ~ unless the restaurant meal is super, super, super delicious.
9. My favorite U.S. city is Washington D. C.  and I would love to go there every year, if possible.  A couple of years ago when Brent {my hubby} and I were in Washington D.C. we took a side trip up to Philadelphia via the train.  Brent had figured out how many stops the train would make until we needed to get off, which was a good thing because the speakers on the train were all crackly and muffled sounding so we couldn’t hear the train station announcements, and there weren’t any signs on the platforms because they were under construction.  When we got off the train we were looking around and things just didn’t look quite right so we asked a worker which station we were at and he told us we were at the Wilmington, Delaware station. Ha.  I guess we miscounted!   So we went in to the station, told our story, were laughed at by some of the workers, felt sorry for by some other passengers {who said it happens all the time and signs needed to be posted}, and got on the next train headed to Philadelphia.
10. I’ve been to 26 states and 17 foreign countries, and lived in 4 states, 9 cities, and 1 foreign country.
11. My husband and I married ten months after we started dating.

scallop-blue - Answer 11 Questions

Haley’s Questions:

1. What’s your favorite childhood toy?  You know, the one you’d still play with if you could.

Etch-a-Sketch ~ I still can’t resist doodling on them

2. What’s the accomplishment you’re most proud of from 2012?

Starting this blog.  After resigning from my part-time job as a maternity Registered Nurse last summer I wanted something new to learn and something that would offer me an opportunity to interact with and meet new people, and blogging seemed like a good fit for me.  I don’t really understand computers and I am not at all techy, but I was able to learn the process to set up and start this new blog.  Yay.

3. What’s your favorite perfume?  Or if you don’t wear perfume, what’s your favorite scent?

I don’t wear perfume.  I don’t really like it and neither does my husband.  Whenever he’s around someone that is wearing it, he says it makes his tongue curl.  But I do like burning scented wax in my home and my favorites change with the seasons.  Winter ~ cinnamon, pineapple / Spring & Summer ~ pineapple, grapefruit / Fall ~ harvest spice / Christmas ~ pine berry or spruce berry.

4. If you could be the voice of a Disney character, which character would you choose?

Baloo from The Jungle Book so I could sing The Bare Necessities like he does.

5.  What was your best subject in school? Your worst?

Best ~ English. My husband calls me the grammar police and I can spell almost anything, but I do have moments of mix-ups ~ and my family loves to be able to correct me!
Worst ~ Math.  I didn’t ever understand math from Algebra up until I learned it with my children while homeschooling.  I guess my brain needed to mature.

Tasya’s Questions:

1. What did you have for dinner last night?

Smoky Maple~Baked Salmon over Garlic Corn with a Grilled Vegetable and Bread salad ~ it was super delicious.

2. Flintstones or Jetsons?

Definitely the Flintstones. Who can resist that yabba dabba doo and Fred, Wilma, and Pebbles and Barney, Betty, and Bam Bam?

3. Who was your celebrity teen crush?

Donny Osmond ~ WOW.  That sure ages me.  I thought for sure I would marry him!

4. Silver or gold?


5. Do you believe in miracles?

Yes.  I know miracles that I’m not even aware of surround me every day, but there are three prominent ones that I really noticed last year.

Krista’s Questions:

1. If you could be an executive chef at any restaurant which one would it be and why?

Oh Mai in Salt Lake City so I could learn how to make their Vietnamese sandwiches.  Total Yum.  My brother turned us on to them.

2. If you could have any superhero power, what would it be?

Zapping the calories out of food.

3. What is your favorite book?

That is a super hard question to ask a lover of great literature.  Aside from scriptures, I would choose AnneofGreenGablesseriesLittleWomenLittleMenBlackBeautyJamesHerriot’sbooksAtHomeinMitfordseriesGiftFrom
theSeaTheChosenLesMiserablesGonewiththeWindLittleBritchesseries.  Does it count as only one book if I don’t put in spaces?

4. Favorite snack to eat during a movie?

Popcorn ~ Not only is it tasty, it lasts a long time if eaten one piece at a time.

5. If you could be in the Olympics which event would you be in?

Synchronized swimming.  Funny, but it’s always intrigued me.  Oh, but then I’d have to wear a swimming suit and cap.  Maybe I should rethink that.

scallop-blue - 11 New Questions

1. Do you have a favorite quote?

2. Do you like books that make you laugh? or cry? or think? or all three?

3. What is your favorite ethnic food?

4. Describe yourself in three words.

5. What are the first three things you do in the morning?

6. Do you have any pets?

7. Why did you decide to start a blog?

8. What would your dream vacation be?

9. Do you like to play board games?  If so which ones?

10. What is your favorite season?  Why?

11. What do you like to do in your spare time?

scallop-blue - 11 New Nominees

1. Jeanie @ Create & Babble
2. Maureen @ Red Cottage Chronicles
3. April @ The Peppered Peony
4. Nicki @ Life I Design
5. Melissa @ Serving Seconds
6. Hannah @ Pretty Wrapped
7. Jennifer @ My Chicken Fried Life
8. Leilani @ Tales of a Clyde Woman
9. Beth @ The First Year Blog
10. Dorothy @ A Guy, a Girl, and Gracie
11. Stacey @ Joyful Expressions

So that brings this Award Nomination post to a close.  I don’t know if any of you have been nominated before or if you have more than 200 followers, but I love your blogs and wanted to recognize and compliment you on the great job you each are doing with your little spot in the big world of blogging. Please link your post back to my comments so that I can see what you have written and your eleven nominees!


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Woven Holidays

Thanksgiving ~ Christmas ~ New Year
I love the weaving of
gratitude ~ Christ ~ redemption ~ resolution
that these three holidays present for us.

Regarding Thanksgiving, I love:
having the spirit of gratitude in my heart and focusing on all that I have been blessed with
spending days planning and preparing for Thanksgiving dinner
spending time with our married son and daughter-in-law ~ watching football, visiting,
playing games, and painting Christmas ornaments
calling parents and siblings to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving and talk about their thankful day

And then before Thanksgiving has been phased out we embrace Christmas with music, gift shopping, and decorating.

Regarding Christmas, I love:
having the spirit of gratitude and Christmas in my heart
the sprit of Christmas in the hearts of everyone around me
Christmas music ~ especially religious and instrumental
Christmas baking ~ traditional recipes mixed with some new recipes
nativity sets
Christmas decorating ~ our tree that is a walk down Memory Lane
family Christmas parties ~ food, games, remembering the birth of Jesus, and lot’s of fun
family traditions
watching Christmas movies
the magnificent feelings and spirit that surrounds our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
Jesus Christ ~ his birth, his life, his sacrifice

And then comes the week between Christmas and the New Year ~ some people put away their Christmas decorations and anticipate the New Year while others want to be surrounded by them a little longer, hanging on to just a few more days of all that is wonderful about this beautiful time of year.

Regarding the New Year, I love:
having the spirit of gratitude, Christmas, and resolution in my heart
cooking a late morning breakfast and eating together with my family
having a relaxing day that somehow feels refreshing and new even though it’s just another day
playing games, taking a nap, watching football with my family
thinking about my life ~ how can I be better, more productive, more loving, more useful, more of everything?
making resolutions that will move me forward to be the daughter of God that I am meant to be

And so with the weaving of these three remarkable holidays that fall within 6 weeks of one another we have the opportunity to culminate one year, one chapter in our lives and begin a new year, a new chapter for a new, even-better us.

I hope we all have a blessed, wonderful, and meaningful Thanksgiving ~ Christmas ~ New Year season,
and that we will keep these feelings with us throughout the upcoming year.


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