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Coat Closet Makeover


Our front entry coat closet used to be a closet behind closed doors, which didn’t look super great because we have a short tunnel entry, so with doors on the closet it felt really closed in.  Opening it up makes the space feel larger and it’s much more visually appealing.

This is a view of the entry looking toward the door:
{it’s 4ft x 7-1/2 ft}


Imagine how boxed in it looked and felt with doors on that closet.
{I forgot to take a before picture.}

One day when my hubby was out of town I took the doors off to see how it would look without them.  Then I pulled everything out.  I could hardly believe my eyes when I took a good look at it without it being jam-packed with coats, boxes, and baskets filled with “stuff” ~ the walls were unfinished pink-tinted plaster. We’ve lived here for 13 years and I had never noticed that those walls behind the doors were pink.

With an empty closet I was able to make a plan:
creamy white and loden
baskets and hooks
just a few coats/jackets
a cabinet to store hats and gloves

So I headed to our favorite local hardware/paint store to buy some paint, and then got to work and painted before Brent returned from his business trip.  Boy, was he surprised.  He couldn’t quite visualize what my plans were, though, so he just let me carry on until it was finished.  Now he loves it.

I did a bit of shopping here in Boise but couldn’t find what I had in mind so my next plan was to take a short trip to Salt Lake City to see what IKEA had.  A friend of ours was headed that way for a quick little business trip so I hitched a ride with him.  I ended up buying everything I needed at IKEA and spent about $100 for the 3 baskets, a scarf hook, a black expedit, 4 black canvas drawers, and a black garbage can to hold our umbrellas.


Our stuff is stylishly hidden in these baskets


and these drawers.  We even have an empty drawer!


A few of my scarves hang neatly on the hooks.


I made this little quote picture after reading the book Palace Beautiful.
I also made one for my niece’s room with a cute flower mat because she loaned me her book
after she read it and loved it.}

We have four block windows in the closet which I love because they add character and bring in light.

Instead of hanging all of our coats and jackets here we only hang a few seasonal ones
and hang the rest in another closet.


Our umbrellas now look tidy standing in their own little can.


There have been times that I wished we had updated white molding around the floor, doors, and windows but we live in a mid-20th century home and the wood is all mahogany so we’ve decided to keep it since it’s good wood and it adds to the realistic character for the era of our home.


Well… what do you think?
Do you like it?
Do you think it’s an improvement?

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