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My Dream Clock {and A Giveaway}

Alarm clock dreams do come true!

What?  You’ve never heard that before?

Well, then, you need to read my story.

I’ve had this alarm clock for as long as I can remember.  For at least 20 years.  It’s small ~ just a clock with an alarm which is what I like because I don’t like clock radios.


But for about the last eight years I’ve seen this Moon Beam Alarm Clock in the L.L.Bean catalog and have wanted it so badly.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 2.14.04 AM

But since my clock worked just fine I couldn’t justify getting a new one.

I hardly ever have to wake up to an alarm but when I do it’s a BIG deal for me.  I worry all night long that the alarm won’t ring and I wake up all night wondering how much longer I can sleep.  And then it usually happens that I’m asleep when the alarm does ring and it’s so loud it practically scares the heck out of me.  Crazy, I know.

There were three times in the past four months that I needed to set my alarm: the first time it didn’t ring and I thought I thought I set it wrong, the second time it didn’t ring and I thought I forgot to switch it on, the third time it didn’t ring and I realized it just wasn’t working anymore.  The clock worked.  The alarm didn’t.

This is where my alarm clock dream came true.

So then I needed a new clock.  I told my hubby and he, knowing I’m kind of picky about some things, said, “you better start looking.”  So I thought about it for about ten minutes and jumped on to the L.L.Bean site to look at the Moon Beam Alarm Clock.  The clock of my dreams.  The price of $50 kept me from ordering right then and I told Hubby what I wanted but that I was going to wait because I didn’t really need a new clock because I hardly ever need to use the alarm.

Two days later UPS brought a box to our door and when I opened it I was beyond thrilled!  My amazingly thoughtful husband ordered it for me and he even knew which color I would want.

It looks so cute and perfect on my nightstand that I can’t help but look at it and smile every time I go to bed.


I haven’t needed to use the alarm yet but when I do I’m hoping I’ll sleep better knowing I won’t be jolted out of a good dream by an annoying alarm.

I have to tell you that this clock not only fulfills my alarm clock dreams, it is so worth the money.

  •      It has a classic look with a fully lighted clock face.
  •      The left side has a light that illuminates at the alarm time to gently wake me up.
  •      It has a lovely bell sound which is so pleasant I almost want to cry.
  •      It also has the option of the bell/light combination to wake me up.  The alarm light will blink for 5 minutes before the bell rings to gently begin the waking up process which makes waking up to the alarm not so unpleasant {if that’s possible}.

I was so, so happy with this clock that I contacted L.L.Bean and told them so and they graciously offered to sponsor a giveaway for a Moon Beam Alarm Clock.

Please visit L.L.Bean’s site and read all about the clock ~ and please follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Awesome Giveaway-framed

Congratulations to Jill Weatherston.
Winner of the L.L.Bean Moon Beam Alarm Clock.

This green Moon Beam Alarm Clock giveaway is
sponsored by

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 10.13.44 AMScreen Shot 2013-06-13 at 2.14.04 AM“First introduced in 1952, this unique “moon beam” clock has been updated to wake you with your choice of a bell sound or a combination of the bell and a gently illuminating LED light. Available in classic colors you’ll find only at L.L.Bean. Snooze feature. Fully lighted dial. On/off backlight switch. Battery backup (uses two AA batteries, not included). Imported.

Dimensions  5″H x 7″W x 3″D.”

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!






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Uplifting Movies {A Giveaway}

Congratulations to Lisa Mass.
Winner of the Uplifting Movies Giveaway.
I’ll get these mailed out to you this week, Lisa.

And a BIG thank you to all of you that entered.
I’ll be hosting another awesome giveaway in a couple of weeks so please check back.



This week I am so excited to feature a giveaway of two movies that have enriched my life: Courageous: Honor Begins at Home {Exclusive Collector’s Edition} and Saint John Bosco: Mission to Love.

Have you seen one or both of these movies?

Yes?  No?

Either way, enter the giveaway.

Courageous Image

St. John Bosco Image

Everyone I know that has seen Courageous has said they love, Love, LOVE it.  I do, too.  It’s a movie that warmed my heart and left me wanting to be a more Christlike mother and to write up my own resolution list.

I don’t know anyone that has seen Saint John Bosco: Mission to Love, but for me this movie also left me wanting me to be more Christlike in my life.  It’s a beautiful movie enhanced by the Italian language so make sure you watch it with the subtitles instead of voiceovers in the English language.  {Read my review of Saint John Bosco: Mission to Love.}

Both of these movies are uplifting and have changed my life, and one lucky reader will be the winner of them.

This is my first giveaway since I started this blog and I sure do hope everything works splendidly.  Just follow the instructions below and you’ll be entered.  If you have any questions or problems leave me a comment and I’ll address them as quickly as possible.

Good luck.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

~ Lori
Have the best day ever.

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