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Well, hello there.  And welcome.  I’m Lori, the creator of Everyday Lori (formerly A Bright and Beautiful Life).

Probably just like most of you out there, my life is centered around my home and family.  My hubby, Brent, is my absolute favorite person in the whole world, and my next favorites are my two boys, my daughter in-law, and my little grand baby girl.  They are each amazing in their own way and I adore them.  I’m a registered nurse but I don’t work as one ~ I’m a full-time homemaker, which fulfills me completely.

For sure, I’ve been blessed with a beautiful life and it’s my guess that you have been, too.

I have some passions:

beautiful art / literature that enriches my life / uplifting music / homeschooling / constitutional freedom

And lots of things I enjoy doing:

cooking nutritious meals and snacks for my family / tweaking things around my home and yard / discovering new ways to keep us organized / planting a garden and flowers in my yard {although I don’t maintain them very well!} / learning how to care for my family’s health through nutritional/homeopathic/herbal methods and implementing them the best I can / simple sewing & crafting projects / creating {recipes and crafts} ~ which often times means recreating a recipe or craft project that I’ve seen on someone else’s blog and then sharing it on mine / spending lazy summer afternoons lying on our backyard swing napping or immersed in a great book / listening to Dr. Laura and Dave Ramsey

My loves keep me balanced:

sailing on our boat, Clewless / my home / USA / relaxing at our mountain cabin / four seasons / my Savior, Jesus Christ / vacations with my family  / doing book studies via the telephone with my very close friend / our dog, Dexter / spending time with family and friends

And my quirks keep me real:

I cut my own hair because I’m too cheap to pay someone to cut it / My husband calls me the grammar police even though I find myself saying things like “a whole ‘nother” and “me too” {and then I cringe when I realize that I’ve said it yet again!} / I don’t like my food to touch on my plate and I will eat all of one thing before I begin eating something else / I don’t like to walk barefoot / I’ve never had acrylic nails because I’m afraid my fingernails would feel claustrophobic / I like all of the cans on our shelves to face outward / I read magazines from back to front / I don’t have a junk drawer

That’s mostly me in a nutshell.  If you would like to read a little more about me and why I decided to write a blog {click here}.

My hope is that through this blog we will become friends and encourage one another to find refinement in our lives through reading, cooking, caring for home and family, and everything in-between.

Thanks so much for visiting; I’m so honored that you stopped by.  I’ll try to do my very best to post things that will enrich your life.


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  1. Olivia Hoijarvi March 6, 2016 at 11:39 am #

    Dear Lori,
    I’m a student and I would like to quote your article on Anne Morrow Lindbergh in a paper I’m writing. Could you tell me your last name so I can use your site?

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